Thrift Shop Volunteers


Volunteering is an integral part of the Richardson Spouses' Club's mission to support those in our JBER community.  Volunteering is also critical to the success of the Fort Richardson Thrift Shop.

Volunteers seek out to support the the thrift shop for a variety of reasons.  Some reasons YOU may want to volunteer could be;

  • To see the impact the goods offered by the Richardson Thrift Shop may have on the customers and those donating to the shop.

  • To meet others that are passionate for volunteering.

  • Find friendship, comaraderie and a sense of belonging in your new home. 

  • To work without interruption.

  • Get the Perks that come with being a volunteer!

The shop is always accepting volunteers.  We request that you let Carrie, the Shop Manager, or Melissa, the Assistant Manager know you would like to volunteer.  You can register to volunteer through the link to the right.  Volunteering can also be accepted on the spot at the shop.

So if you are a go getter, who enjoys giving back, repurposing, organizing and either a quite space or a nice conversation, we have the perfect opportunity for you to releave the stress of your day and impact your JBER community.



Click here to access the volunteer registration form.




Become a Volunteer!

Get WEEKLY Perks



  • 2 hours of completed volunteering
    • allows the volunteer one half brown bag of clothing (from racks in the clothing room or clothing you find during processing) 
  • 4 hours of completed volunteering
    • 50% off off ONE item (priced $30.00 or below) and one whole brown bag of clothing 
  • ​All volunteer hours are submitted to the JBER Volunteer Coordinator via the RSC's Volunteer Coordinator Chair
    • obtain volunteer hours for school, community service or your military/civilian/spouse volunteer tracking system
    • each April JBER holds an annual volunteer awards ceremony, exemplary volunteers may also be nominated as a JBER Volunteer of the Year
  • Reimbursed up to 20 hours of childcare per month