ERSC Internal Clubs

...just another amazing perk of membership!


ERSC Internal clubs are a perfect way to enjoy your time in Alaska, make memories, and connect with friends along the way. When registering to join the ERSC, you will be able to select which Internal Clubs you'd like to join. Internal Clubs and their activities are only open to current ERSC members. 


Alaskan winters can be tough. It helps to stay stay involved and connect with others regularly. This is how we BLOOM where we are planted! Join ERSC today so you don't miss out on sharing your special interests with our community of spouses.



The following ERSC Internal Clubs have already had members volunteer to lead them for the 2020-2021 club year. 

ERSC Lunch Bunch

Club Leader:



ERSC Spirits Club

Club Leader:

Amber French

ERSC Coffee and Tea

Club Leader:

Carey Crance


ERSC Dog Park Fun

Club Leader:

Laurel Zepp

ERSC Self-Care & Self-Love 

Club Leader:

Leydy Muñoz


Artsy Farts

Club Leader:




Be an ERSC Internal Club Leader:

Do you have a special interest that you would like to share with other spouses? The ERSC would like to thank those of you who have previously led groups in the past, those who have supported them, and those who are who are considering leading a group in the future. We would love to have your continued or new involvement and are asking all members to consider being a leader. 

Club leaders plan and lead activities on a consistent schedule (i.e., the first Friday of the month) for your group. For some clubs, the leader would have expertise to share (i.e., photography, cooking, crafting, quilting, etc.) and for other clubs the leader simply coordinates the club's meet-up locations (i.e., lunch bunch, spirit club, playdate, bunco, etc.). Here's a sample list of previous clubs, check it out and see if there is an Internal Club you'd like to lead. Or, share your idea for a club idea that isn't listed! 


Book Club Breakfast & Bullets Club Cooking Club Hiking Club Retired Spouses Club
Bowling Club Coffee Club Crafting Club Running Club Snow Birds Club

We'd like to have all of our ERSC Internal Club Leaders identified prior to super sign-up, so please message us here if you are interested in leading a club this year.