We are now accepting Governing Board applications for the ERSC's 2020-2021 Club Year!​


Our organization is strongest when we have volunteers who are taking on positions to which they can dedicate themselves and their unique talents towards.  Join us as we make plans to continue to build our spouse community with new friends, familiar faces and share all the opportunities the ERSC provides. 


Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

The form is available here, click to fill out the application!



 We currently are seeking to fill the following positions,

CHARITABLE Outreach Chair                  COUNTRY FAIR CO-CHAIR

Historian            Vendor Chair           Property Chair

MEMBERSHIP & RESERVATIONS             Volunteer Chair                Public Relations

Scholarship Co-chair  ways & means Chair   Social Co-Chair 

Spring Gala Co-chair(x2)     Vice- President of Charitable contributions       


This application will be used by the ERSC Nominating Committee to assign members to the Governing Board. All applicants will be contacted  upon receipt of their applications.


If you would like to suggest someone for a position, please forward them this application link (https://forms.gle/5FD4icS9QknkYU6P7) or send their name, email address, and the position they are interested in, to ersc.presak@gmail.com and we will send them a direct link.


Elected Executive Officer Positions:

President, Vice President of Administration Operations, Vice President of Charitable Operations, Vice President of Communications, Executive Secretary, and Charitable Treasurer


Appointed Executive Officer Positions:


(Please note: appointed positions are selected by the in-coming President with the approval of the board and will not be selected until after the elected positions have been filled)