About ERSC

The purpose of the ERSC is to foster morale, promote good will and encourage fellowship among the members in keeping with the charity and benevolence of the organization. In order to maintain constancy of purpose, the ERSC has established the following goals and objectives designed to fulfill the purpose.

  • SOCIAL: The purpose of the Club is to promote social, recreational and other activities for its members. 

  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH: The purpose of the Club is to support and encourage charitable and educational endeavors. This includes providing funding for scholarships and donations to military and non-military nonprofit organizations at the discretion of the Board. 

  • THRIFT SHOP: The ERSC shall operate the Shift Shop as a community service and fundraiser. 


The ERSC is a place for spouses to join a community of other spouses living the military journey. The organization is established to support spouses by offering social opportunities for friendship, to enjoy shared talents and grow along the way. 

ERSC members look forward to our social events, are highly committed to our charitable endeavors and develop friendships that last far beyond JBER. Being an ERSC member allows you to find mentorship...or be a mentor! Come and be a part of an inspirational, diverse, and supportive group of Military Spouses with ERSC! 

Take a look around our website to learn more about our special events and activities, our hard-working board, and discover how we give back to the JBER community through our community outreach efforts. 

Stay informed with current social and community outreach activities with this website and our Facebook page. Together we thrive and grow! Come and grow with us!